More Race prep


Crazy birds!  I go out to the shop this morning, and look what I found in my toolbox!  Obviously, its been there for a while: there’s an egg in it.  But, it’s the first time I noticed it.


Well, since I need the flywheel, rear main seal, and transmission oil seals before I can finish the tranny/clutch job…I spend the day working on the other odds and ends: starting with the ECU cover.  The original plan was to scrub off the rust, metal-prep, and paint it.  However, I found in several places all that was left was rust—no steel left.  So, this quicky job turned into a full morning job.  Cutting sheet metal patches, welding them into place, grinding the bead down…repeat.   I didn’t need it to look PERFECT…but, I did want it to look decent—like I care about the quality of the job.  The painted and installed photos are down below.

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