MSR Cresson track Day – Apex Driving Academy – 7/09/2011


A good day.  Since I ran this direction a month ago, it was a chance to look for improvements in driving skill.


  • MSR-Cresson 1.7CW

Basic setup:

  • 2.8* camber front
  • 2.5* camber rear
  • 0 toe all around
  • Fuzion ZRi street tires
  • Rear bar: min-stiffness
  • Front bar: medium stiffness
  • 50.5% cross weight


  • Cool suit test day, and new firesuit: Sparco Pro-X.
  • Improve on lap times from last month.
  • Evaluate front sway bar change

Eagles Canyon – Track Day

Okay, so there are a lot of firsts in this post:

First time at Eagles Canyon Raceway
First time using GoPro HD camera
First Video edited with Sony Vegas
First video posted to Vimeo (new vimeo plus account)
First vimeo video posted to this forum.

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Vimeo setup


So, most other SM folks seem to use vimeo for posting race videos.  It seems a little more race-video friendly, so I opted to follow the herd.  I went with the PLUS account which means I can upload 5GB per week.  Since, so far the videos seem to be about 1GB per 20 minute session…the extra $60 / year seemed worth it.

I’ve only uploaded a couple videos at this point, but here is my channel:

There will be some upcoming posts that show videos from my recent track day, along with some explanations.  I’ve also added a vimeo embedded plugin to this site, so that I can put a vimeo player directly in the posts that will link to, and play the videos from vimeo.