High Pitched Squeal – Right Front

Ok, I’m stumped. I’ve searched specmiata.com, and miata.net, as well as several google searches. I’ve seen a couple posts on other forums for similar problems…but, without resolution.

I have a high-pitched squeal coming from the RF area of the car. The sound is very similar to a belt-squeal in pitch and general timbre. But, it has a beat to it…at approximatly the rotation speed of the wheel.

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Suspension Install

P1010015P1010016So, here is everything to install.  In the front there are a few parts not related to the suspension (steering wheel, instrument hood, ac replacement duct, hood pins, window holders, and an antenna hole plug).  I’ll cover the installation of these in another post.  Today is all about the suspension.

This includes: shocks, springs, bump stops, sway bars, and all control arms.

I painted the control arms last weekend.  The paint is still just a little soft, but its time to put them on!

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Suspension Arrives

Welp….its here!  4 boxes full of suspension parts.


Slowly unpacking the boxes.  Swaybars, springs, shocks, all kinds of littler parts.


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Fender painting, and Control Arms, II



I’ve got a cold, so I’m mostly trying to distract myself from it.  The main task I want to accomplish is finish painting the control arms, and the wheel wells.  Not a giant job, but it takes a fair amount of time masking, painting, waiting for it to dry, recoating, etc.

To that end, I masked off the holes from the front wells into the engine compartment.  I’m eventually going to paint the engine compartment, so I don’t really care about it.  But, I don’t want to get paint on some of the things inside the compartment.  Then I masked off each of the wells to protect the subframe, brake caliper, engine block, etc.

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Cleaning and Painting the Suspension, I

P1010001I have several jobs lined up for this weekend.  First I received my new pedals from SRP racing.  I wanted to fine-tune the height of the brake pedal, so I got these pedals.  They are machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum.  They mount to the existing pedals by drilling holes and through bolting them to the old pedal surfaces.  I plan on putting spacers between the new brake pedal and the old one to adjust for proper heel-toe alignment.  The funny C-shaped piece is an extension for the gas pedal.  I haven’t decided if I will use this, because I alread have a “loud pedal” from Dave Wheeler.  The extension bolts behind the existing gas pedal.  I’m not sure how strong that might be.  It could bend if mashed in a fit of “red mist”.  The pedal on the left is a dead-pedal cover.  Just to round out the look under the dash.

P1010008 P1010009

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Brakes and Stuff

The big job of the day?  Brakes:

  • Rebuild all calipers
  • Replace all brake lines with the new Braided lines
  • Paint the calipers
  • Install the throttle pedal extension
  • Install the new Steering rack boot
  • Remove the emergency brake
  • Replace the Differential and transmision fluid
  • Install the radiator protection

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Passenger side suspension + Radiator

Today started out much the same as yesterday.  Passenger side ball joints and tie-rod ends.  The big different today is that everything went as planned, and the whole job took about an hour.

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Suspension & Brakes


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