Seat, and harness Test fit

Two weeks ago, I bought two seats, both Ultrashield.  For the driver (me), a 16”/20* Road Race VS Halo.  For the passenger, a 17”/20* Spec Miata seat.  The SM seat doesn’t have shoulder wings, or a halo.  But, its small enough to fit next to the VS Halo.  I bought it a little larger to accommodate a wider variety of passengers.  Track days are less risky than wheel-2-wheel racin’…so this seemed like a good compromise.  However, it means that I have two seats and harnesses to mount.  I also bought a Crown 5-pt latch-link harness for the passenger vs. the Crow 6pt F1 style harness for the driver (more on this later).

After test fitting the seat last week and some discussion on, I decided to mount the seat on rails mounted to the stock humps.  The idea being to keep the seats off the floor while still maintaining some clearance between my helmet and the roof.  So, I bought 2 sets of 3/16” x 1” x 48” long mild steel to use to make the rails.

But, before I could make the rails I had to mount my bench vise.  I haven’t used my bench vise since I moved from Colorado….7 years ago!  I’ve been doing mostly woodworking and my wood vises mounted to my workbench are the right tool for that job.  Anyway, I made a plywood plate and screwed and glued it to a length of 2×4.  This allows me to clamp the bench vise into my woodworking vise.


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Race Seat

Well, its been a while since I had a chance to work on the car.  I’ve been doing drywall in the house, disassembling a broken lawnmower, several work related tasks, and various holiday season activities.  But, last Friday I took the day off (actually the rest of the year) and Maria and I drove down to Flint, Tx to the UltraShield factory and showroom.  I tried on several different seats of various sizes and finally settled on a 16” / 20o VS RoadRace Halo seat.  I eventually intent to make a custom foam insert using two part foam from pegasus auto racing.  Particularly, after I get rid of some of the ballast around my midsection Open-mouthed smile.

Anyway, here’s the seat:


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