Ok, more….new parts…

I don’t know what to use for a title….what?  Yes, I bought more parts.  its time to set the car back down and drive the thing.  But, to do that I have to put it back together.  That means….more parts.  So…

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More Parts Arrive…

Alright, more parts arrived:

  • hardtop mounts,
  • accelerator pedal extension (for heel-toe),
  • braided brake lines (nice and red)
  • 4 quarts of 40wt Race Oil
  • and, a couple of brake bleeder bottles (one for the the shop, one for the track box)

all came in.  Not pictured: new rotors, and an oil filter (not really much to look at).  I went with white-box rotors for now.

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Parts Have Arrived!

Yeah, baby!  Okay, $1200 worth of parts should be a larger pile.  But, still here it all is (minus a few accidental omissions..those should arrive shortly).  Here’s all the boxes:

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New parts

Ordered a bunch of parts.  Working on getting the car ready to track.  Basic plan is to fix the corners:

Brakes, ball joints, tie rod ends, and wheel bearings, and ball joint boots.  Ordered fresh ball joints and tie rod ends…and fresh cv2 grease to repack the wheel bearings and lube everything else.

I went with pfc 97 pads, and bought stainless brake lines.  Also got castrol lma fluid.  I’m gonna go with white-box rotors for now.

In the engine room…the stock radiator has come unbrazed from the mounts and one of the supports is loose.  So, I ordered a koyo 53mm.

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