Painting, Part I

Last weekend I primed the cage.  As I said then, I’d hoped to paint it on Sunday but the temp fell into the 40s.  This week 80+…tomorrow…55.  Ah Texas.  Anyway, painting…the theory is that it is easier to paint the cage first, mask it, and paint the floor/interior second.  Lets test that theory!

I’ve elected to go with Rustoleum Safety Yellow, Gloss for the cage.  I used brush-on.  In the end it took three coats to completely cover the primer color.

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Fender painting, and Control Arms, II



I’ve got a cold, so I’m mostly trying to distract myself from it.  The main task I want to accomplish is finish painting the control arms, and the wheel wells.  Not a giant job, but it takes a fair amount of time masking, painting, waiting for it to dry, recoating, etc.

To that end, I masked off the holes from the front wells into the engine compartment.  I’m eventually going to paint the engine compartment, so I don’t really care about it.  But, I don’t want to get paint on some of the things inside the compartment.  Then I masked off each of the wells to protect the subframe, brake caliper, engine block, etc.

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