I seem to have contracted a cold over Thanksgiving, so I’m laying low this weekend.  I figured I might as well start working on the graphics set for the car, until I feel human again.  I’ve been using Inkscape ( to do all the decal designs.  Its an awesome tool for vector graphics work (and free to boot).


Once I had all the graphics “designed”, I decided to lay them out on the car and see how it might look.  I didn’t end up using everything in the layout above…can’t hurt to have a few extras, tho’ right?



Chris suggested redoing the graphics with a black outline:



Back from Paint!

Chris Haldeman painted the car for me.  This is a purely decadent post of pictures.  I think it looks AWESOME!

P1010069 P1010071 P1010072








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Paint Prep


A friend is going to paint the car for me, but I’m doing as much of the prep work as I can.  That way he can just “spray&go”.

But, before I got to sanding and such, I needed to reinforce the new mounting location of the driver’s rear view mirror.  I moved it to the A-pillar, but now it “flops around” while driving.   So, I took some 3/16″ steel plate (probably overkill), cut it to shape and hammered it until it fit the inside contour of the door skin.  Then I buttered the front side with bondo, and slid it into place.

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