Time for a Test Drive!

Today was put-it-back-together-and-go-for-a-ride day.  So, yesterday I rebuilt the calipers, and painted them a nice red.  Today, they went into the over.  200F for 90 minutes to cure the paint.  Supposedly, this improves the chemical resistance of the pain.  We shall see.  Nothing like the smell of paint baking in the morning!

I spent some time working on a different project (a table for my Mother…2 years late!) while the brakes were baking.  Once I reached a stopping point on the table the brakes were long since done (90 minutes in the oven, and just about as long to cool back down).  Time to put it all together!

First the front brakes.

Gotta make sure that everything is close at hand, and prep’d:

  • Clips
  • Pads
  • Springs
  • Caliper (cleaned and ready to install)
  • Caliper bolts (cleaned and greased with fresh grease)

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