Fire Suppression System

Well, its time to get ready to race.  I’m going to NASA comp school at the end of January.  I’ve had a fire system for a few months, in inventory.  Since I have the rest of the year off, I’ve been working on the install.  I bought the SPA Technique 4L alloy manual pull system.  It comes with 6 nozzles that spray in a 90 degree cone pattern.  The idea is that 3 nozzles go in the engine compartment and three in the driver’s cockpit.  However, the Miata has the gas tank directly behind the driver.  So, I decided to place one nozzle in the trunk aimed at the exposed portion of the gas tank and the filler neck.

All of the mounting brackets are handmade out of 1/16” thick 1.5×1.5 inch aluminum angle.  I cut them all to shape and then formed them over some roll cage tubing scrap using a clamp and a hammer.

20141214_104008 20141214_104654

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