Data: G2X Install

A while back I bought a gently used Racepak G2X.  These seems like a simple task to install: connect power, ground, and an RPM wire…done.  Well, I suppose it could be done that way.  But, I want to be able to turn it on and off without starting the car.  That requires a switch, and an unswitched wire.  In addition, while I was in the dash wiring things up, I figured I might as well pre-wire for the other bits I plan to add to the car: Camera, and cool shirt.  I plan on making the cool shirt flow adjustable, so I need an on/off plus an adjust.  Finally, in order to synchronize data and video you need to have a signal in both.  I plan on hooking up steering/throttle/brake sensors to the G2X, so I’m going to hook up a light to the brake switch and put it in view of the camera.  I don’t need or want this light flashing all the time.  Once I’ve provided a good sync to the video and data, the light can be switched off.  So, one more switch.  That makes 5 switches.

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Priming the roll cage, and odds and ends


One major task for this weekend, and several small ones.  I’d planned on trying to get the interior completely painted, but the weather on Sunday didn’t cooperate.  while Saturday was 75+, Sunday barely made it to 55.  Sure, you “can” paint when the temp is above 50…but, should you really?  Anyway, Saturday spent the day prepping and then priming the interior and cage.  So, I’d wanted to get “self etching primer”, many people recommended the NAPA brand primer, but none of the local stores had it in stock.  I called a Sherwin Williams and they had their “prep & primer”.  This stuff wasn’t exactly what I’d expected from talking to the guy on the phone.  Its called “prep & primer”, but from what I can tell its more like “prep”.  For bare metal with minimal rust, the recommended application method is to mix 1:3 with water, and brush or spray on with a squirt bottle.

So, that’s what I did.  I mixed it a little stronger than recommended…and then sprayed it onto all the bare metal.  I let it sit for 30 minutes, and then washed it off with water.  It left the metal very dull with a slightly whitish hue.  The surface was quite “rough”, not smooth and slick like bare metal.


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