Big Bend (turn 1)

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Looking at the data, I was much less consistent in the braking zone than I thought.  The two laps shown below represent my two fastest laps, and my two fastest passes through this turn and the following straight.  However, they are much different.  The top lines are accel-G, RED is “main lap”, YELLOW is “ref lap”.  The purple line in the middle is the lap time difference between the two laps.  The bottom lines are GPS_MPH, pink = main lap, orange = ref lap.

Main Lap: Red, pink (hereafter the “red” lap)

Ref Lap: Yellow, Orange (hereafter the “yellow” lap)


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Data: G2X Install

A while back I bought a gently used Racepak G2X.  These seems like a simple task to install: connect power, ground, and an RPM wire…done.  Well, I suppose it could be done that way.  But, I want to be able to turn it on and off without starting the car.  That requires a switch, and an unswitched wire.  In addition, while I was in the dash wiring things up, I figured I might as well pre-wire for the other bits I plan to add to the car: Camera, and cool shirt.  I plan on making the cool shirt flow adjustable, so I need an on/off plus an adjust.  Finally, in order to synchronize data and video you need to have a signal in both.  I plan on hooking up steering/throttle/brake sensors to the G2X, so I’m going to hook up a light to the brake switch and put it in view of the camera.  I don’t need or want this light flashing all the time.  Once I’ve provided a good sync to the video and data, the light can be switched off.  So, one more switch.  That makes 5 switches.

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Dash, gages, data collection…

I’ve been thinking about how I want to setup the instruments.  I don’t want to go all-out right off, but I also don’t want to re-buy things by buying parts that are going to be obsoleted by future upgrades.  My primary need now is simply to get the car on the track.  I can use the stock instruments since in the ‘92 all the gages are truly analog gages (not indicators).  Eventually, though I want to replace these with good Auto-meter gages.  Next I want to get a predictive lap timer, and finally a data acquisition system.  I thought about the stand-alone lap timer….but, that is $300-$400 that will be obsoleted by a data-acq system…that’s 1/3rd the cost or so.  Since everything kind of stems from the final Data-Acq system…I figured I should start with selecting that.  I’ve looked at several, but it seems like there are three pimary systems that are in the amateur price range:

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