Cool Shirt

Okay, so in the previous post I alluded to making my own cool shirt.  Well, I finally got around to it.

I chose to make a 4-zone shirt like a real FAST shirt.  I don’t know if it is actually better, but conceptually it seems like it could be better having each unit of water only in contact with 1/4 of the total area.

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Cool Suit

Okay, I’m not the first person to every do this.  Most of the prior credit goes to:

I’ve made a few tweaks of my own, though.  Namely, I added bulkhead fittings to the parts list in order to be able to run the plumbing from the trunk to the cockpit without leaving a penetration.  And a second set of quick disconnect fittings so the cooler can be removed without disturbing to fixed plumbing.  Second, I’ve modified the shirt design to be a 4 zone shirt to minimize hot/cold areas around the shirt.  In addition, I’ve mimicked the plumbing pattern of the FAST shirt to maximize the cooling surface area.

Below I’ve include a complete parts list.  It includes enough materials to make the cooler, and plumb it into the car, and create two complete cool shirts.  All plumbing parts (tubing, fittings, etc) are from McMaster Carr (  The cooler and pump are from River Marine (  The only supplies you will need will be for your mounting system…which depends on where you choose to mount the cooler.

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