Clutch / Transmission Complete

So, step 1: clean the transmission.  Engine degreaser, brash brush, some elbow grease.  All clean.  The main thing to watch out for here is to close up the speedo opening, and the top of the turret.  You don’t want to get any water down in these.  I stuffed the openings with absorbent towels, and then taped over the opening with 1 1/2″ masking tape.  Then I was careful to not direct the water spray AT these taped over openings.

P1010002 P1010003

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Friggin’ hydraulics!

I bought a slave cylinder for the known failures…So, I replaced it and replaced the flex-line, and curly cue with a braided stainless from Advanced Autosports while I was at it. Seems like a prudent plan, eh?

Well, guess what….the master cylinder is bad! Apparently, the reservoir isn’t draining into the cylinder. When I tried to bleed the system no fluid was pulled out of the res. Every time I opened the bleed screw with the pedal released you could hear the air sucking back into system.  Perhaps the MC could be fixed (find what’s plugging the opening from the res. into the MC)….but, is that the right approach for a 20 year old car headed to the race track?  Probably not.

Dropping the Tranny

Today I dropped the transmission in preparation for installing the new ACT clutch.   This process has been well documented in the following entries:

So, there’s no reason for me to redocument how this goes.  I’ll only add my own bits, where I differ.

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