Todo Lists updated

I’ve updated all the todo lists through last weekend:  Crossing off things that have been done, adding links to the pages that describe those things completed, and adding new tasks that I’ve discovered need to be done.




  • Gut and remove:
  • Carpets
  • Radio
  • Dash
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    • Repair drivers-side quarter-panel dent
    • Sand out rusted areas
    • Repair rear bumper
    • Repair rear valence

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    Drive train (Trans, drive-shaft, diff, axle)

    Drive train (Trans, drive-shaft, diff, axle):

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    • Fix Oil Leak
    • Remove OEM air cleaner & duct work
    • Install SP Induction duct and air cleaner
    • Install AFM spinner bracket

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    Suspension & Brakes


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    Todo Lists

    Okay, so I’m not sure how I really want to post these todo lists on here.  For now, I guess I’ll create single posts that I just edit as time goes on…one for each major section of the car.  I may see if there is an addon that makes this more “manageable”, but sometimes simpler is better.

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