New Race Shop in North Texas : X-Factor Racing

If you live in the Texas area and need work done on your Spec Miata, checkout X-Factor Racing.  Chris offers a variety of services from race prep, engine builds, to full race car builds from the ground up.

New Theme!

image I’ve been working on a new color scheme.  Here it is finally.  I think its quite a bit better than the old white/grey/blue.

Facebook Connect

You don’t have to register for this site in order to post.  You can simply use your facebook login.  You will have to grant some basic permission to your facebook profile (to grab your profile picture, and email address only).  After that, you should be able to simply add comments without registering or logging in directly to this site.  You can still register if you like, you have the option either way.  There is a link on the front page, and anywhere there is a comment entry form (if not already logged in).