I’m an engineer in the Dallas, TX area.  I’ve been an avid car-guy since I built my first car with my Dad at the age of 13.  We bought a 1968 Mustang Fastback from a farmer in East Texas.  The car had chickens roosting in the trunk!  It had 14 inch wide tires on the back, the springs were shot, and the fenders bounced off the tires the whole 60 miles home.  Over the next three years, we removed and replaced every single nut, bolt, and part on the car.

For my 40th birthday my Wife, Sister, and Parents bought me a 10 lap drive of a Winston Cup race car at Texas Motor Speedway.  I was hooked!  I’m currently building a Spec Miata to race in regional SCCA and NASA races.  This site is a chronicle of this activity.  Hope you enjoy, and maybe learn from it, as I’m sure I will.

Tom Hampton