Beer Temp Controller

Parts needed to make controller:

  • 3 gang old work deep electrical box
  • 3 gang decora style cover plate
  • STC-1000 temperature controller
  • 2 decora 110VAC outlets
  • 18 Gage stranded wire in a red, blue, green, black, and white
  • Wire nuts
  • 10 Amp utility cord with 3 prong male end
  • 1/2” emt strain relief


First you need to remove the old-work tabs from the center of the box.  This leaves room for the controller to fit in the center slot.

t1010022 t1010023 t1010019


Next drill a hole large enough for the strain relief in the end of the box.


Next, the middle slot of the cover needs to be enlarged to let the STC-1000 fit.  A little careful X-acto knife and/or file work makes quick work of it.



Finally the wiring.  Feed the electrical cord through the strain relief. Push about 6-8” of cord through into the box.  Connect as shown in the schematic below.  Drill a small hole 3/16” or so, in the opposite end of the box, and feed the sensor through.  Connect the sensor to terminals 3 and 4.

P1010020 P1010022 schematic

Make sure you label your heat/cool as shown.  You now have a controller that can heat or cool within a 0.3 degC (0.54 degF) range.

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