So, its been a very long time since I had anything to post!  Months and months.  Unfortunately, this same dearth in posts represents a similar dearth in actual activity on or with the racecar.  I won’t bore you with the excuses…lots of work related things.

Anyway, I bought an SP Induction Systems SPX2 intake, and finally got a chance to install it.   Its a pretty simple install, not exactly a transmission.  Anyway here’s the assemble and the junk that it replaces.  The airflow path in the standard miata is quite odd, and is very restrictive.


To remove the stock airbox, you simply remove all the bolts that hold it to the AFM, mount the airbox and snorkel to the inner fender.  That leaves you with the AFM hanging free from the duct work to the intake manifold.



Once everything is removed there are a couple of threaded holes in the inner fender that are left unused.  The mounting brackets that come with the intake can be screwed to these holes.  There aren’t any instructions, so I used the tall bracket in the front, and the shorter bracket in the back.  This keeps the AFM level.  The tall bracket mounts to the upper screw hole on the AFM, and the shorter bracket mounts to the lower intake mounting screw on the back side.

P1010031     P1010025 P1010026


Once it is mounted, you can make small “twist” adjustments to position the air cleaner as needed.  It fits just in front of the brake master cylinder front brake line.  I had to bend the brake line out of the way by about 1/2”.

P1010028 P1010030

2 comments to Intake

  • Mike Gygi

    Tom did you use the SPX2 intake on a street car or a race car.I would be putting it on a street car that has cruise control.Would you anticipate any clearance issues.The Racing Beat intake which is quite similar requires relocating the cruise control.

    • I’m totally sorry I didn’t see this question. I originally used the SPX2 on my racecar. However, I’ve switched to an SPX (straight) because it allows me to rotate the AFM into a more faqvorable position.

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