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I took some time to rearrange the workshop.  The old layout was wasting a lot of space.  It worked well for woodworking, but didn’t really leave much room for the racecar.  It worked obviously, since I installed the roll cage in the old layout.  But, with the tablesaw and the WW workbench parallel there was only about 2 feet on either side of the car when it was pulled between them.  I rotated the tablesaw/planer/outfeed assembly by 90 degrees.  So, now there is just barely overlap if I pull the car all the way into the shop with the front nose.



P1010098 P1010099


Someday, I’m going to remove the horse stalls.  Then I will move the WW shop to the back third.  But for now, it works much better as a combination workshop, rather than a dedicated wood shop.

P1010106 P1010107

There also used to be several large piles of wood stacked against the walls in various places.  I sorted through all these, got rid of the scraps, and stacked the remainder in places that didn’t take up so much floor/wall space (under the tablesaw and in the stalls).


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