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My birthday was a week ago, but the family just managed to get together this last weekend.  The two big shop presents?  A new shop stool, and a pair of 18V Lithium Ion batteries and a charger!  Sweet.

P1010094 P1010090


I finally got a Fat Cat kit a couple months ago, but I never had the time to get it installed.  Kit now installed.  If you get the kit, just follow the instructions.  They are perfect and leave nothing out.  There is no reason for me to elaborate on anything here.

P1010082 P1010083

Okay, so I decided I wanted to be able to reach the electrical shutoff switch from the driver’s seat.  What are the odds that a corner / safety worker would be right there to pull it for me?  Seems like a simple enough job, right?  It is, but it took longer than I would have thought.  I wanted to fab a strong mounting bracket to provide enough strength against the “pull”.  The radio panel is only plastic…not really strong enough to withstand an excited yank!

I used 1 1/2” aluminum 1/8” thick angle for the bracket.  I cut one edge off of the angle on the outsides of the angle.  This left a flat on the outsides, and angle in the center.  Then I folded the wings back to make mounting tabs.  Next was to drill some access holes in the plastic dash in order to get to the metal substructure where the bracket would be attached.  Finally, fit the bracket into place, drill mating holes through the bracket and the dash and screw the bracket into place.

P1010084 P1010086

Then I replaced the center dash and drilled a 3/16” hole through the plastic and the aluminum bracket.  Remove the center dash and drill a 7/16” hole through the aluminum for the cable threads.  Then I routed the cable up the trans-tunnel, across up to the main hoop diagonal and across the top of the main hoop.  I used one of my old rear view mirror mounting brackets to mount the end of the cable over by the cutoff switch.

P1010093   P1010087 P1010111

Finally, I didn’t want the cutoff switch to be confused with the FIRE system.  The pull handle comes with FIRE embossed into the surface, so I filled it with Bondo, sanded it smooth and painted it white.  Then I created a stencil of the Blue triangle and lightening bolt.



Finally, I got some more SFI padding for the window bar.  Its a little smaller and doesn’t obstruct the rear view mirror quite as much.


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