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So, most other SM folks seem to use vimeo for posting race videos.  It seems a little more race-video friendly, so I opted to follow the herd.  I went with the PLUS account which means I can upload 5GB per week.  Since, so far the videos seem to be about 1GB per 20 minute session…the extra $60 / year seemed worth it.

I’ve only uploaded a couple videos at this point, but here is my channel:

There will be some upcoming posts that show videos from my recent track day, along with some explanations.  I’ve also added a vimeo embedded plugin to this site, so that I can put a vimeo player directly in the posts that will link to, and play the videos from vimeo.

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  • Andy

    What is that sticker on your windshield?

  • Kewwelll, dude. I compared early and late laps and could see where you were getting quicker and smoother. That turn at Boot Hill going to Buzzard’s Neck is way off camber to the outside and usually slick with dust out there as well. There really is’t a fast bit to be made there, but often is a exit to the weeds. Your best line seemed to be outside cone and rumble strip as the exit from Tombstone complex, then moderately tight to the apex, letting it run wide under acceleration from the apex once the camber comes back level. There was less screeching and jiggling when you went that way. You’d have to look at your data to know if it is faster.

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