Eagles Canyon – Track Day

Okay, so there are a lot of firsts in this post:

First time at Eagles Canyon Raceway
First time using GoPro HD camera
First Video edited with Sony Vegas
First video posted to Vimeo (new vimeo plus account)
First vimeo video posted to this forum.

This video is of the last last session of the day. I ran the first two sessions with an instructor. I was approved for solo after the first session, but chose to run the second session with the instructor also. I elected to run the last two solo. He continued to watch my through the rest of the day, and was very complimentary. We talked about some of the things I was seeing out on the track as the day went on. He said I have great car control, which is a nice thing to hear. Given that I’ve only been on a track 4 times…maybe I won’t suck too bad.

Anyway, this was my forth day at speed on a racetrack…and the second day with my own car. I did have a couple of bloopers in earlier sessions…a spin, and a couple tank slappers that I managed to save. I’ll probably put those into a blooper reel.



And here are the bloopers. My first attempt at editing multiple clips together from different video files, and two clips from the same file. Played around with fade-in/out, and text overlay.

The spin was pretty self explanatory. Too close to the entry apex, left me committed to an early apex on the exit. My eyes weren’t good enough to notice that, and I stayed in the throttle. It gets a little off camber there, and the back-end came around.

The tank-slapper was one of two things. Not sure which. At least once, I missed a heel-toe blip and broke the rear end loose. The other time, I was more deliberate and know I didn’t miss the heel-toe. On a third lap I didn’t even try…just went back to the basics of straight-line braking and shifting before turn-in. Even then the backend was very squirmy. Once back in the paddock, I checked the rear brakes and the passenger e-brake adjuster was full tight. The drivers side had about 1/8th of a turn or so. I backed these off 2 1/2 turns for the final session, and the car was back to normal—No further looseness. Coincidence, dunno. Thoughts?



I wonder if there is a wordpress vimeo player plugin.  Hmmm….

4 comments to Eagles Canyon – Track Day

  • Andy

    How come it’s only you on the track?
    Btw, this blog is losing comments.

    • There were other cars on the track, but I left the grid first and only one car passed me during the session. Sorry about the lost comment. You got caught in the spam filter because of your first email address.

  • Andy

    I see. Thanks. I will follow your blog as I’m about to build “something”.
    Last weekend I finished my first SCCA school at Lime Rock, so I’m hooked.

    • Tom

      Getting hooked is the easy part. 🙂 if you have questions you can find me here, obviously. Aldo, if that something is a Mazda of any variety you can find us over at mazdaracers.com.

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