Brake failure

The brakes worked just fine throughout the day at ECR during all track sessions.  However, when getting ready to depart the paddock after packing up, the brakes started making a grinding noise.  The noise was exactly like that of a backing plate scraping along the rotor.  That’s actually what I expected to find….that the caliper had frozen on the pins and the inside pad had worn down to the backing plate even though I still had 50% left on the outsides.

However….that was not the case.  When I got everything off, there is galling in the rotors, inside and out surfaces, but the pads are worn evenly and there is 50% or so of remaining material.

Pads are PF97.  Rotors are random white-box variety, new prior to Cresson two weeks ago.  Never seen any other pad material.  There was no strange noise or feeling on the track at any time, nor when returning to paddock.

I did a proper cool-down lap before returning to paddock, 5th gear, no brakes etc.  I did not set the ebrake (not that it matters for the fronts).  What did I do wrong?


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  • Scott Farrell

    Hello Tom. My son’s 350z did exactly the same thing at ECR. If you were using “street” pads, the heat buildup at ECR is unlike we have seen at any other track. In fact, we burned up a set of new pads in two sessions. The heat caused the pads to stick to the rotors as they couldn’t handle the heat. Feel free to call me at 972-839-5948

    • Tom

      Hey Scott-

      No these are not street pads—full race pads. Peformance Friction compound #97. I can’t really imagine running street pads there. Too much speed, with a sharp turn at the end. Lots of heat involved in that much stopping. Between 1, 6, 7, 11…there’s a lot of work for the brakes to do.

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