More Race prep


Crazy birds!  I go out to the shop this morning, and look what I found in my toolbox!  Obviously, its been there for a while: there’s an egg in it.  But, it’s the first time I noticed it.


Well, since I need the flywheel, rear main seal, and transmission oil seals before I can finish the tranny/clutch job…I spend the day working on the other odds and ends: starting with the ECU cover.  The original plan was to scrub off the rust, metal-prep, and paint it.  However, I found in several places all that was left was rust—no steel left.  So, this quicky job turned into a full morning job.  Cutting sheet metal patches, welding them into place, grinding the bead down…repeat.   I didn’t need it to look PERFECT…but, I did want it to look decent—like I care about the quality of the job.  The painted and installed photos are down below.



Next job of the day?  Replace the fuel filter.  I don’t know the age of the previous filter…so, might as well start fresh.  The filter is in a bit of an odd place…at least to me.  Its located in the RR wheel well, protected by a thin flexible plastic cover.  I probably should have ordered some replacement hoses…as these are not in pristine condition.



Welding the footings for the cage melted (or burned) the undercoating off the bottom of the car around the beads.  So, in order to keep this area from rusting out I decided to recoat it.  A little metal prep to stabilize the existing oxide, and then 3M spray undercoating did the job.



Since installing the halo seat, it’s difficult (if not completely impossible) to get out the driver’s window in full gear.  In the event of an emergency, I don’t want to be struggling with space confinement as I try to exit the vehicle.  So, to improve the drivers exit…I decided to remove the triangle vent window.  A simple job…I’ve covered removing the vent before [todo: insert links].  The only new bit, is that there is a bit of weather-strip that has to be removed.  It’s the bit that runs along the aft edge of the separator bar between the vent window and the main window.  Scissors take care of that.



Some electrical work:  cover all the new wires in convoluted tubing, route, and fasten with ADEL clamps.  I ran out of 5/8” ADELS, and the new skinny conv. tubing needs 3/8” ADELS.  So, I’ll have to finish the fastening later.  But, the GPS antenna is positioned, at least.  Around my house and neighborhood…I’m picking up 6-9 satelites with the antenna in this location.  A few more would be nice…but, I’ll have to experiment with other mounting locations.  This will do for now.



Finally, a friction surface in the footwells.  I was going to use the stuff from 5xracing, but they are out of stock.  Besides, it is more expensive.  I bought all this board tape for less than half the price of a single sheet of the 5xRacing thing.  Maybe someday, I’ll replace the driver’s side…I guess I’ll just see how rough the board tape is on my shoes.

So, I used the lower level abrasive skateboard tape.  I found a local skateboard shop in the Mall.  It’s kind of funny seeing the look on the face of the skinny 17 year old kid in the board shop when a 42 year old guy walks in and asks for 4 sheets of tape.  I explained that it was for my racecar….and, he was all “…like, that’s awesome, dude!”  Too funny.

I can see in the photo that my alignment of the two strips of tape isn’t exactly perfect.  I can’t see that in person…it is only visible in the picture.  Oh well.  If it bugs me enough, I’ll put some black paint on that little exposed area.  I doubt it will.



Last but not least, the ECU cover after final cleanup, metal-prep, prime, and paint.  It was a cold day (50ish)…so, I cured the paint by setting it on top of my halogen lamps.




So, I’m going back over my “todo” list that I posted last week.  After all seems like I have more left, then I started with.  How does that work, exactly?


0.  Disconnect Battery, remove coil packs

1.       Replace clutch (see:

a.       Remove PPF

b.      Remove propeller shaft

c.       Disconnect speedo cable

d.      Disconnect electrical cable

e.      Drain transmission fluid (prop engine with 2×4 between pulley and steering rack)

f.        Disconnect slave cylinder & clutch line

g.       Drop transmission (use 14mm and 17mm swivel impact sockets)

h.      Remove clutch, pilot, throw out bearings

i.         Inspect flywheel (use RTV on bolts if R&R)

j.        Install new clutch pilot, throw out bearings

k.       Replace clutch line

l.         Reinstall transmission

m.    Reinstall slave cylinder

n.      Reconnect propeller shaft

o.      Reinstall PPF

p.      Connect electrical

q.      Connect speedo

r.        Bleed Clutch lines

s.       Test drive

2.       Cooling tuneup

a.       Drain antifreeze

b.      Remove thermostat

c.       Replace belts and hoses

d.      Fill with Water/wetter

3.       Replace Fuel Filter

4.       Change engine oil and filter

5.       Clean and Install engine tray

6.       Install exhaust gaskets (and leak check)

7.       Flush brake fluid

8.       Clean and paint ECU cover

9.       Install stock shifter boot

10.   Install skateboard tape

11.   Install Hardtop Molding

12.   Clean exterior

13.   Remove Driver’s vent window

14.   Clean windshields

15.   Rain-X windshield

16.   Alignment

17.   Install race brake pads

18.   Adjust pedals


Now the list looks like this:


  1. Add Water to engine
  2. Reinstall transmission
    1. Clean transmission
    2. Clean rear of engine
    3. Replace rear main seal
    4. Replace Clutch Line
    5. Replace clutch slave
    6. Replace transmission oil seals
    7. Reinstall flywheel
    8. Reinstall clutch
    9. Reinstall transmission
    10. Install clutch slave
    11. Reinstall propeller shaft
    12. Reinstall PPF
    13. Reinstall exhaust
    14. Bleed clutch
  3. Install new shifter bushing, and lower dust boot…add MTL to shifter housing.
  4. Clean and install engine tray
  5. Replace CAS o-ring
  6. Disconnect ECU and spot weld steering spline.
  7. Replace Hood and Trunk lanyards (I forgot to heatshrink the cut ends of the steel cable…ouch!)
  8. Remove trailer hitch
  9. Labels for switches
  10. Remove rear finisher (its broken…I need a replacement)
  11. Install remaining ADELs on harnesses
  12. Competition alignment (TeamMER at MSR-Cresson)
  13. Switch panel power light
  14. Data/Camera Sync Light
  15. Paint G2X dash mount (so it doesn’t reflect in someone’s eyes)
  16. Install Race brakes & Adjust brake/accel pedal alignment.
  17. Clean and RainX windshields
  18. Clean exterior of car


Okay, it’s not LONGER….it’s exactly the same length!  So, all I did was find something new to do…for every one thing I completed.  Hmmm….I need a better ratio.

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