Clutch / Transmission Complete

So, step 1: clean the transmission.  Engine degreaser, brash brush, some elbow grease.  All clean.  The main thing to watch out for here is to close up the speedo opening, and the top of the turret.  You don’t want to get any water down in these.  I stuffed the openings with absorbent towels, and then taped over the opening with 1 1/2″ masking tape.  Then I was careful to not direct the water spray AT these taped over openings.

P1010002 P1010003

Next install the front and rear transmission oil seals.  Don’t forget the gasket for the front seal cover.  Also, be careful of the shim.  It is probably a good idea to get a replacement of the shim with the gasket, and seals.

P1010005 P1010006

Finally, the engine rear main seal.  I used a dull screw driver to remove the old seal.  It came out very easily.  Then used a 2″ section of 1×4 and a small hammer to tap the new seal back into place.



Maria went to the auto part store and bought me a new clutch master cylinder.  I had a bit of a hard time with the flare-nut that goes into the MC.  It was frozen in pretty badly.  Even my flare-nut wrench couldn’t get it.  I could feel the corners starting to go.  I used a hammer to shrink the wrench until it was tight…but, still no luck.  So, I finally resorted to some strong channel locks, and a very tight grip.  It finally cracked loose.  I used the flare-nut wrench to do the rest.  The old MC was badly rusted, inside and out.  I’m sure that had something to do with why it wouldn’t bleed.


Next up the slave cylinder, and the SS flex line from Advanced Autosports.  I attached the flex line to the slave, then attached the slave to the bell housing, and finally attached the flex line to the flare-nut on the   passenger fire-wall.  This way makes sure that you don’t have any twist in the flex-line.


Replacing the shifter lower boot and bushing: I used a little WD40 to lube the old boot and get it to slide over the top of the shaft.  I remove the old lower-bushing, and snapped the new one on.  I also replaced the wavy spring-washer on the upper bushing.   The old one snaps off, the new one snaps on.  Finally, I slipped the new boot over the shaft.  Then I filled the turret with 4oz of tranny fluid, and attached the shifter.



My engine tray was pretty badly caked in oil, dirt, and grime.  Again, some engine degreaser, dish soap, and a small wire brush made reasonable work of the nasty stuff.  I noticed on my test drive today that the rear bolt holes have enlarged and the tray has already come back off on the rear edge.  Might have to find some bigger washers.


Back on her feet, once again.  Back from two separate test drives.  One fairly tame, just to make sure it didn’t make any funny noises.  The second several hours later that was a little more lively.  I plan to drive the car as a DD as much as possible between now and the first track day to shake out any last minute minor issues.


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