Visitors from Sweden!

How cool is that? Looking at my logs this morning, someone from an MX-5 racing forum in Sweden ( posted some links to two different posts on this site that discussed my driver’s seat mounts: Roll Cage: Trans Tunnel Patch, Driver’s Seat Mount and Roll Cage: Seats Installed, almost ready to weld.

I don’t speak Swedish (or any other foreign language), so I ran it through Bing translator to figure out what they were talking about. Its funny to see how the literal translations work…the translator fills in words like “stronghold” for (I’m guessing) “cage” and “chair” instead of “seat”.

If anyone from MX-5 Racing Club is a regular visitor here, please drop me a comment. Welcome!

Second, I worked out from the translation that you had some concerns about the proximity of the catalytic converter to the seat. I’m actually going to relocate the Cat, because even in the US we have to run a catalytic converter on public roads. If you have questions, please ask in the comments section of the apropriate post.

Again, welcome Sweden!

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