Reassembly, part II

Final assembly day.  I had several odds and ends today.  Again its all pretty self explanatory.

Hood / Trunk Pins

I made lanyards out of 1/16” steel rope, and drilled holes in the understructure of the hood and trunk.  Then I pop-riveted the strike plates in place.



Door / Gas Cap Latches

For the doors I again used 1/16” steel rope, and some 1/8” vinyl tubing strung from the door latch lever to the front of the door.

For the gas cap, I had previously removed the trunk/gas lever from the interior.  But, I’d left the cable attached to the gas cap.  So, I cut the stub off the end of the cable…pulled the cable out if the housing and cut the housing to length…so that the cable would exit the trunk right next to the license plate.




What is there to say?  latch it down, attach the cables.



Outside to Cure the Paint

Now that the battery was connected, I could back the car out of the garage and put it in the sun to bake the paint.




Test Drive Complete

Finally, ready to go for a ride.  Only one minor issue.  I’m embarrassed to even say…but, I guess confession is good for the soul.  On the first test drive I heard a….we’ll call it a rock…bounce along the underside of the car.  it was quite a large and lound rock.  A bit further down the road, when I needed to use the brakes I learned it was NOT a rock.  Rather it was one of my left-front caliper bolts….fortunately the good one.  What a racket!  I immediately begin downshifting and looking for a parking lot entrance.  As soon as I found a turnin…I turned in, turned off the ignition and engine-broke down to a stop.  Apparently, I forgot to torque something down.  I was pretty mad with myself.

Anyway, after I had a chance to think about it, I decided I would try and get home without using the brakes.  I didn’t have a replacement bolt at home…so, calling for help wasn’t going to do much.  I managed to make it home according to plan.  I posted a plea over on, and a local guy replied that he had a bolt in a drawer in his garage.  I met him the next morning at his place, and got my bolt.  Thanks, Chris!

Other than that, the car drove great!


I’ve got a few more odds&ends to do to get it ready for the track…but, its getting VERY close.

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