Reassembly, part I

This is mostly a pictorial, its all pretty self explanatory.

Unveiling the Cage

It takes time unwrap a cage after being masked.  Lots of tape, and still sticky paint.  It took a couple hours to get it all off.  But, I think it was worth the wait.





Kill Switch

Now that the cage is done, I could finish the kill switch.  I had to buy a different cable to run to the battery from the switch.  56” seems to be the magic number from where I located it.




I detailed the dash mods a couple weeks ago.  I didn’t plan on the AC control unit.  As you can see it didn’t fit.  Since it has to be in the car…I measured the amount of protrusion, and summarily cut it off with a saw.  It left JUST enough room for the blower control switch, which was the only part I cared about it remaining operational.




Package Tray

The main tank cover fits in from the front better, than from the top.






Window Net




Allview Mirror



It was a great day.  I didn’t quite get done with what I’d planned.  I’d hoped to get it back down on its feet, because tomorrow I need to finish fixing the lawn mower.  I have the brakes to finish bleeding, and a few odds and ends.  Maybe on Sunday after I finish with the mower…

2 comments to Reassembly, part I

  • looks good! i’ve been watching this build and it’s really coming along.

    One question – can you reach the kill switch from the drivers seat all buckled up? i didn’t realize that i couldn’t reach mine until I had my annual tech…. whoops!

    • Tom

      Hey Andrew! Thanks for following along. It’s been fun.

      No I cannot reach that location from the seat. But, I don’t see in the GCR where it says that the Master Switch must be accessible to the driver.

      Nevertheless, I plan to either wire in a second switch in series, or add a cable pull to be able to kill the Batt. Seemed like a good idea, just didn’t (and still don’t from my read of the GCR) think that it is REQUIRED.


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