Focus! Maiden Event


There’s nothing like a deadline to bring everything into focus.  It’s one thing to get the car to street drivable.  Its quite another to be ready to dive into turn 1 at 105 mph and turn right.  I’m registered and paid-in-full for my first track day with Apex Driving Academy at MSR Cresson, on May 28th.

Seems I have a lot to get done.  Its mostly small stuff, but it all needs to get done.

0.  Disconnect Battery, remove coil packs

1.       Replace clutch (see:

a.       Remove PPF

b.      Remove propeller shaft

c.       Disconnect speedo cable

d.      Disconnect electrical cable

e.      Drain transmission fluid (prop engine with 2×4 between pulley and steering rack)

f.        Disconnect slave cylinder & clutch line

g.       Drop transmission (use 14mm and 17mm swivel impact sockets)

h.      Remove clutch, pilot, throw out bearings

i.         Inspect flywheel (use RTV on bolts if R&R)

j.        Install new clutch pilot, throw out bearings

k.       Replace clutch line

l.         Reinstall transmission

m.    Reinstall slave cylinder

n.      Reconnect propeller shaft

o.      Reinstall PPF

p.      Connect electrical

q.      Connect speedo

r.        Bleed Clutch lines

s.       Test drive

2.       Cooling tuneup

a.       Drain antifreeze

b.      Remove thermostat

c.       Replace belts and hoses

d.      Fill with Water/wetter

3.       Replace Fuel Filter

4.       Change engine oil and filter

5.       Clean and Install engine tray

6.       Install exhaust gaskets (and leak check)

7.       Flush brake fluid

8.       Clean and paint ECU cover

9.       Install stock shifter boot

10.   Install skateboard tape

11.   Install Hardtop Molding

12.   Clean exterior

13.   Remove Driver’s vent window

14.   Clean windshields

15.   Rain-X windshield

16.   Alignment

17.   Install race brake pads

18.   Adjust pedals


Test drive!

6 comments to Focus! Maiden Event

  • wooohooo cant wait to hear how the test day goes.

  • Thanks, dude. I saw all your bike prep over the winter. So, I know you know….it means there is a ton of stuff to get done, in a short time. I think its kind of funny that we’ve both ended up in motorsports.

    I dropped the tranny today, to replace the clutch. It’s okay as a one man job, but its a little nervous the first time. I didn’t know exactly how heavy the tranny was, or how tricky it would be to get out. I’m sure I could do it a heck of a lot quicker the next time around. I just missed getting to the machinist to get my flywheel resurfaced. Dang it! Its just as well…I found a couple other things that need to be taken care of while the transmission is out of the way.

    I guess that’s one of the nice things about bikes…you don’t need a creeper to work on it…nor do you spend entire DAYS laying on your back on concrete and in the dirt to fix something. On the other hand…there’s no sheet metal between you and the next guy…or the ground!

  • Dang, and I had to go and get my eyes done, so I temporarily can’t do stuff to help where I might get crap in them……

  • We all have our priorities. 🙂 I’ll give you a call tomorrow evening to give you the weekend run-down. I got the bulk of all this done, plus I got most of the squeaks in the kitchen floor tightened up. I think there are a few more to go, but we have to search these out. All the major squeakers are fixed, though. The weather obviously wasn’t very conducive to outside painting, for Maria.

  • R1chy

    Have a fun time and let us know how you do. Don’t forget to post pictures too.


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