Roll Cage: Seats Installed, almost ready to weld


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the spec miata seat is a short seat pan and leaves your legs feeling unsupported.  William Bonsell suggested elevating the front edge of the seat by about 1”.  I tried this last weekend and it makes a big difference.  So, today I bought some 1 1/4” angle, cut it to length, and then ground notches in it to get the seat angle “just right”.  To support the steel, I cut some small squares to fit under the angle, and welded them in place.



Finally, it was time to mount the passenger seat and create the seat back brace.


Some final pix of the cage with the seats installed.  The only task left is to make the shoulder harness cross bars.


2 comments to Roll Cage: Seats Installed, almost ready to weld

  • Justin William

    Hi I’m Katelynd’s husband. Very nice work you have going on there. Maybe you can teach me a thing a two lol. I’d like to see what your spec miata does on the track. From the looks of the weight reduction and your well crafted roll cage it should be a miniature beast.

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