Roll Cage: Window Bar, Knee bar, Rear Down tubes

Today’s job was to finish fitting and tack in all parts of the main cage, if I could.  Everything always seems to go slower than you want!  Anyway, the things left are the Winshield bar, knee bar, and rear down-tubes.  I spent most of the day on the windshield bar.  The windshield bar and knee bar both fit between the cage sides that I finished yesterday.  The trick (if there is one) is that both bars need to fit tight between the sides.  Since the knee bar is straight its a little easier to fit.

Windshield Bar

The Windshield bar is another bar whose fit is rather critical without much room for error.  Also, like the cage sides I wasn’t sure of the exact geometry that I was supposed to follow.  Given the shape of the bends I began testing placements, angling various different ways from straight vertical towards the roof to straight horizontal protruding into the windshield space.  I settled on a slightly upward placement that is aligned with the back edge of the windshield frame, and weather-strip.  it fits tight to the sheet metal…and keeps the bars away from my head space.


Ok…so, confession time.  I was in the shop getting ready for the welder to come by and inspect my prep.  While making room for him to walk around, I discovered another bar.  Guess what it was?  The windshield bar!!!!  So, what is installed in these pictures?  Well….um…it’s a door bar.   I haven’t remove it, yet.  But, it looks like there is still enough of it left to work as a lower door-bar.  This weekend I get another chance to to install a window bar.

Its just as well, I was very unhappy with the joints on this bar.  Mating to the radius on the cage side was tough.  The radius bend slightly deforms the tube, so its not exactly round.  I kept “trimming” using the angle grinder.  I’m no artist with a pencil…it doesn’t get any better using a spinning carbon disk.


Harness Bar

Just a note, I had to notch the seat belt towers to make room for the harness bar.  I notched it so that I could slide the main-hoop back another inch or so to make a little more room for the Halo seat.  With these things (halo seats, that is) every little bit helps.


Knee Bar

Dave’s cage has a Knee bar instead of a dash bar.  Because it is lower it is more lined up with the height of the bumper.  So in the case of a t-bone, the knee bar helps to keep the cage side from collapsing.  The knee bar fits under the steering column, and behind center console supports.  This is why the positioning of the cage sides is so important.  There isn’t a lot of room for error between the console supports and the heater box.


I ended up notching the console supports a bit to make room for the bar.


Rear Down Tubes

The rear down tubes are pretty straight forward.  They meet the main hoop at a 90 degree angle.  I cut the other ends a few posts back Roll Cage: Tacking it in.  The only catch was that I wanted to ensure that both tubes were square to the main hoop and parallel.  Given the placement of the holes I drilled in the rear bulkhead… the correct spacing is 27”.


I think its starting to look pretty cool!


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