Roll Cage: Rear Cross-brace, passenger’s door bars

The first task of the day was to install the rear cross bar, and diagonal bar.  Simple stuff..these straight bars.  The idea is to cut and fit the diagonal bar first, then just cut the cross-bar to fit.  I like the look of the overlapping joints.





The passenger bars are just like the driver’s side.  Kinda nice to get a second chance, though.  These took about half the time of the driver’s side.



Not really much else to say about these.  So, I just took a bunch of pictures.  That finished out the main part of the cage.  The next steps are:

  1. To complete the seat install for both the driver and passenger seats,
  2. Mount the window net bracket.
  3. Fill in the notch in the transmission tunnel.
  4. Set the harness mounting points.
  5. Patch the giant hole in the rear bulkhead.

then call the welder to come weld finish weld the whole thing together.




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