Roll Cage: Dash, and Driver’s cage side

The Advanced Autosports cage is installed between the plastic dash, and the metal substructure.  The dash-bar is separated from the plastic dash, and then it is bolted into the car.  The dash will be installed once the cage is complete.  First the dash and dash-bar must be separated.  There are a ton of screws.  I’ve pointed out a few in the pictures below, but there are more that are not in view.  The dash vent ducts must be removed (there are some screws underneath), and the ducts are installed behind the dash-bar.




Once all the screws have been removed the dash bar will separate from the dash.


The dash-bar.


I reinstalled the heater and blower unit.  Then installed the dash-bar.  There are a couple of brackets that aren’t needed and are in the way of the cage sides, and knee bar.  These need to be cut away before further cage work can proceed.


Here is the completed dash-bar with the brackets removed.


After I started to work on the cage side, I found that I’d missed one more tab.  You can see where the side hits the tab in the picture below.


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