Table Leg Feet and Top Planks

Latest update on the table.  Ran all the table top planks through the jointer to remove the glue and smooth it all out.  Looks nice!



I made these clamping jigs to squeeze the leg together around the feet.  I’ve glued another leg since this pic.  I should have made them out of maple instead of pine.  They crushed pretty badly after the second leg.  I guess I’ll be making another set.


The first leg+foot.  Eventually these will all be tapered, so the final finish will be smooth.  I just scraped this one real quick in order to snap a pic.


Two legs down….two to go.  This table is taking a lot longer than normal because everything is so much bigger than usual.  I only have enough clamps to glue one thing at a time.

As soon as I finish these legs, its on to tapering the legs and making the skirt.  The skirt will go quickly because I don’t have to glue it one at a time.

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