Removing weight

Today I was going into the office late for a night shift, but then the event got canceled (moved to tomorrow), so I just took the whole day off.  As a result, I got another day to play with the car.  The activity of the day was simply to look for ways to make the car lighter.  I’ve gotten all the heavy hitters, everything from this point on is going to be single digit pounds, or less.  It all eventually adds up to more than you think.

Step 1, remove the hood and trunk latches and replace with hood-pins.  First, I unbolted the latch.


Then the release cable is attached to the latch by this spring clip.  Slip it off using a flat bladed screw driver.


The cable fits into a small groove.  Slip that out and the work the cable loose from inside the engine compartment.  A quick tug of the cable from under the dash will pull it through the firewall.


It was a similar process for the trunk.  then the cable can be slipped from the latch and removed from the car.  Then I slipped the fuel cable from the latch, and removed the latch.  I pulled the fuel cable back into the trunk.  Eventually I will cut the cable short, and swage it into a loop.


To install the pins, I simply measured a suitable mounting location, marked the hole in the lid, and drilled the holes.  Its best to drill the holes with the lid closed that makes it simple to ensure the lid, and chassis holes are alligned.  Some small tweaking of the angle of the chassis is needed to allow the pin to line up with the hole in the lid.  For the trunk I needed to use an actual steel bolt, nuts and washers to gain enough leverage.  Using the bolt and a hammer I could align the chassis surface with the hole in the trunk lid.  The hood was much closer and didn’t require the steel bolt.


Next, I removed the emergency brake.  As long as the car is in gear, it doesn’t need the brake.  Besides, this is a RACECAR.  Remove the bolts, disconnect the cable.  The cable is held to the transmission tunnel by a small bracket.  The bracket is located behind the heatshield in the tunnel.  Then the handle, pull cable, balancing bracket and left/right cables can all be removed from the car.  It totaled 6 lbs of weight.


Finally, I started the process of cleaning the interior.  I removed all the covers from the rear package tray and vaccuuming out the dirt and grime.  Lots to go, but it’s a start.


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