Quick Release, and putting it back together….

So, the goal for today was to put it back together and set her down for a test drive.  Before I can do that, I need to install something to steer with.  I have a miatacage.com thread on quick-release, and a Momo Mod 78 wheel, and a 3-hole to 6-hole adapter from Advanced Autosports.  It turns out that neither the wheel nor the adapter came with screws.  So, the first task was to go find some that fit.  The adapter wasn’t labeled…unfortunate.  It took two trips to the store to find the right screws.  The first trip, I mistakenly bought M5 screws.  These didn’t fit…seems that 10-32 1/2” countersunk screws is what’s needed.  Anyway…1 1/2 hours, and two trips later….all is well.  But, that’s the end of the story.  To start:


Installing the quick-release spline.  I had to remove the clock-spring.  Simple enough-ish.  Remove the three screws holding it to the multi-function switch.  Then it will just barely fit over the end of the steering column.  Next, the white thing in the center cancels the turn signal.  it just lifts off, along with the spring underneath.



Once you get those things off, the spline still doesn’t quite fit.  As you can see there is a plastic stub on the multi-function switch.  This needs to be removed.  In addition, the clock spring still needs to be completely removed, and unwired from the car.  So, remove the screws, undo all toe connections,  and pull the whole thing off the car.




In order to remove the clockspring from the wiring, it is necessary to remove the outer sheathing and unwind the single wire around the clockspring cable.  You have to remove the large zip-tie holding all the harnesses in place.  This single wire is a grounding wire for the switch.  I rewrapped this wire around one of the remaining harnesses.  Then I re-taped the harness back together, and zip tied it back in place.



Finally, use a small saw to remove the plastic nub in the center of the MFS. Wipe off the filings.  Now its ready to go back on the car.  But, before we do that, the spline needs to be fitted and prepped.


So, I threaded the spline onto the steering shaft, and torqued it in place.  Then I used a sharpie to mark the location of the set screw holes.  Then remove the spline and drill the set screw holes.  I used a 3/16” drill bit, and drilled about 1/16” deep.


All done, and installed.  Just need to re-install the multi-function switch.


The next job was to install the dash.  To do that, I needed to install the blower, and heater unit.  I’d removed the AC unit, and bought the AC replacement duct.  So, squeeze it into place and push in the plastic pins that hold it in place.  Easy enough.

The dash goes it pretty easily, but it helps to have two people for the job.  Connect up all the connectors, reattach the heater controls, and bolt everything down.  Then insert the center console, and put the vents back in.


Next comes the instrument cluster.  There are three connectors, and the speedometer cable.  I connected the little two pin pigtail first, the upper left second, and the upper right last.  Finally connect the speedo cable as you slide the cluster back into place.  I held the cable in place with my right hand from under the dash, while I slide the cluster into place with my left.


Finally, put the MFS cover back on, and the QR hub…now is where the saga of the screws comes it.  Once that was sorted and the wheel was on, install the seats, and the interior is back together.



P1010052P1010050Install some new MSD plug wires, and she’s ready to go for a test drive!

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