High Pitched Squeal – Right Front

Ok, I’m stumped. I’ve searched specmiata.com, and miata.net, as well as several google searches. I’ve seen a couple posts on other forums for similar problems…but, without resolution.

I have a high-pitched squeal coming from the RF area of the car. The sound is very similar to a belt-squeal in pitch and general timbre. But, it has a beat to it…at approximatly the rotation speed of the wheel.

1. Comes and goes with road speed: 45 mph is the first significant point. there seems to be a null between 55-60.

2. It decreases somewhat under braking…but, not completely. This could just be due to the change in road spead.

3. I’ve also tried trailing the brake with no noticeable impact (I’m going to retest this tonight on the way home..I’m questioning my memory).

4. Is NOT dependant on engine RPM, or even engine on/off. I’ve coasted in neutral with engine off, with no change in noise level.

5. Is NOT dependant on ACCEL or DECEL.

6. I had a passenger hunker down in the foot-well to determine source of noise. He grew up in a race-shop helping his dad build race cars…and he is confident it is coming from the passenger front wheel area.

6. The noise is not ALWAYS present. But, it usually is. We had a 10 mile stint where it made no noise at all…even at 45mph.

7. This squeal was not present when I bought the car back in July. It HAS been present since I rebuilt the calipers, put in the braided lines, replaced the pads, and rotors. I also adjusted the brake pedal free-play at the same time.

8. I just repacked both front hubs with zero impact. Neither hub showed any since of scoring, pitting, discoloration, or deterioration.

9. there is no change clutch/declutch or in gear/neutral, or gear selection at fixed speed.

10. I feel nothing through either the steering wheel, nor the brake pedal.

11. Hard cornering has no impact.

If anyone has any suggestions, or similar experiences…I’m all ears.

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