Repacking Hubs


I got an engine crane for my birthday back in September, but I haven’t had a chance to put it together, yet.  Unfortunately, I have a non-racecar need for this crane.  My riding lawnmower grenaded the engine a few weeks ago.  I think it blew its connecting rod.  So, today I cut open the box and put it together.


The second task for the afternoon was to rebuild my front hubs.  There is a great procedure located over at .  In addition, in order to pint the preceding procedure out to take to the shop…I put it all into a word document:

I followed this procedure to a T, with one exception.  When reassembling the bug, I found that inserting the bearings into the corners of the ring was much more difficult for me.  Perhaps my fingers aren’t as dexterous as Walter’s.  Anyway, for me, I found that using a screwdriver to hold the ring in place, an simply insert the bearings around the circle.  It worked for me, YMMV.



My big concern was the condition of the races.  I have been hearing a squeal coming from the passenger side hub.  So, I was afraid of what I was going to find.  But, all seems find, there was no discoloration, no rust, no pitting, or another other sign of deterioration.  On interesting thing was that the drivers side hub has been replaced.  You can see the drivers side parts below.  The driver’s side is a “new style” hub, with the black bearing retaining rings, and without the metal lip on the outside of the hub.  The passenger’s side appears to be an orignal hub.  This hub did have the metal ring, and the bearing rings were made out of white nylon like plastic.  The grease was badly deteriorated, almost solidified.  But, as I said above, there was no sign of permanent damage to any of the races or bearings.  Everything cleaned up quite nice.

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