New Tires and Wheels

New tires and wheels arrived last night.  As I said in a previous post, the wheels are TRMotorsports C1M bright silver wheels, and Fuzion ZRi 205/50R15 tires.  The wheels are spec miata legal 15” x 7”, with a 30mm offset, and weighing in at 13.2 lbs.01 newtires The tires are a Ultra-High Performance street tire.  I went with these because they are half the price of either Extreme Performance or R-comp tires.

The stock wheels are 14 x 4 1/2”, and stock tires are 185/60R14.  These new tires are taller and considerably wider.  In addition, the stock offset is bigger.  So, the track of these wheels/tires pushes the tire right out to the fender.  In order ensure the tires fit and don’t rub, it is necessary to “roll” the fender lips.

It actually turns out to be very easy.  And all these pictures probably aren’t necessary.  However, when I started thinking about doing this, I couldn’t find anything on the web other than a couple posts on  The both, basically, said get out a hammer and bang on it until it is rolled under.  That is essentially what you do.  Nevertheless, seeing what you are going to do ahead of time makes it clearer what you are about to do.

So, here goes:

First the front fender.  There is a plastic liner between the fender lip and the underbody.  Remove all the screws, and clips and then remove the liner.

02 fender to be rolled03 fender to be rolled 204 fender to be rolled 3

There is also a airbag sensor located in the front of the fender.  You can remove that at the same time, and its cover.

05 remove the liner and sensor

Here is your tool.  You can use a bigger one, if you like….but, the normal size allows you to inch up on the finished product without much risk of overdoing. it.

06 just a hammer

Start by bending the tabs over.  Don’t go crazy….just get them out of the way.  They will continue to bend over as you roll the rest of the lip over.  After the tabs are out of the way, slowly hammer the upper 1/3 of the lip under.  Eventually you will have the lip rolled completely under so that it runs parallel to the outer fender.  The inside edge will be about 1/4 from the main fender wall.  Just keep working back and forth until the lip is how you want it.

07 hammered the tabs first08 hammered the tabs first 2

Here is the finished rolled lip.

09 front fender rolled10 front fender rolled 2

Here are a couple shots of the rear tire and fender before rolling the lip.  You can see how close the tire comes to the lip.  I haven’t installed the comp suspension, yet.  Once I do, the ride height will be very low and close to the tire.  This lip is a pinch-welded double layer.  It will roll under just like the front, but it takes a little more time and finesse.  Just keep hammering and eventually it will roll under.

11 rear fender clearance12 rear fender clearence 2

Here is the finished rear fender lip.

13 rear fender rolled14 rear fender rolled 215 rear fender rolled 3

The car back on the ground with the new tires installed under the new fender lips.  I think the tires and wheels look pretty sweet!

28 Back together

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