New Pedals, Steering lock, and Shifter boot


New pedals from SRP Racing.  Pretty simple really.  Remove the old rubber cover.  Cover the pedal in masking tape.  Hold the pedal where I want it, and mark with a sharpie.  Drill holes.  I added some spacers to the brake pedal to fine tune the pedal height for heel-toe.



Following the instructions (a little blindly) from the SM Constructor’s Manual.  The instructions were simply to "find the flat plate on the bottom of the steering column, drill a hole in it, and pull out the spring."  Sounds simple enough, and it really is.  But, there wasn’t a picture anywhere on the Web.  So, there is that nagging feeling "am I really drilling in the right place?" So, here are some pix.  Yes, it works.



I bought a new shift boot from Advanced auto-sports.  It’s nice.  The boot snaps off/on making it easy to get to the top of the trans, when needed.  Simple install: center it up, drill some holes, and install with sheet metal screws.


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