Leg Feet and Plank Number 2

P1010006Today I finished planing the legs square, and cutting the grooves for the feet.  The feet will be The small pieces of maple that you see on top of each leg.  The pieces will be cut to form an interlocking “tick-tack-toe” pattern that will help to stabilize the feet in an outdoor environment.  Once the feet are installed they will be planed flush during the leg tapering operations.   I cut the slots in the feet on the tablesaw.  I simply set the fence, the blade height, and stood the legs up and ran them through the blade once on each side.  Then I reset the fence and ran them through again.  Then a little chisel work to clean up the slot.

P1010005Next I glued up the next set of three planks.  I found that the first plank had a small amount of twist from being glued up on my outfeed table.  It isn’t perfectly flat.  So, this plank I glued up on top of the workbench.  In addition, I used the weight of the clamps to help eliminate any twist.  Notice how the clamps are extending to the left at the far end of the boards and to the right at the near end.  This helped to hold the K-body clamps flush to the workbench.

Tomorrow, another plank for the top, and finish out the feet for the legs.  Then I can get on with tapering the legs, and cutting the mortises and tennons for the skirt.

Sunday, plank number 3.  Works much better on the bench than on the outfeed.  Same process as yesterday.  I didn’t have any issues with twisting today.  P1010005

Here are the first two sub-planks side-by-side.  Just a little glue to cleanup.  I was going to try and assemble the feet today, but I need the bench (more specifically the vise) to cut the joints right.


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