Convertible top and Interior Gutting

Removing the convertible top.  This was a very simple job.  First I removed the nuts that hold the retaining strips for the top.  Then just pulled off the the strips.

18 Remove all these

There are three bolts that hold the mechanism to the body.  They are behind the side trim piece.  I removed the trim retaining plate at the top, and the trim.  Then I removed the three bolts from both sides.  Then the top lifts right off.

16 Converible Top17 Remove these on both sides

Voila!  No more convertible top.  Tomorrow I will permanently attach the hard-top.

19 Remove the top

Time to begin the interior.  Each seat has four bolts.

20 gutting 121 seats gone

Center console.  The screws that hold it down were already missing.  I cut the fake leather shifter boot to remove the console.  I finally got the shifter knob off the lever today.

22 Console

Dave Wheeler says to “be patient” and remove the carpet last.  I didn’t want remove the entire dash today, so I just cut the carpet where it ran under the dash parts, and seat belts.  Look at that mess!  18 years of trash…leaves, change, dirt, grime, rust.  I just started scraping with a putty knife.  Once I got the bulk of it out, I switched to a wire brush.

23 Carpet gone24 Carpet gone - passenger side

There are several small patches of tar and silicone on the floor.  I wanted to remove as much as I could so that it will be smooth when it is repainted.  Besides, it also removes a small amount of weight.  I used a chisel, and a gouge…and a lot of time.  The square patches are some tar like substance.  I scraped as much as I could, then I used mineral spirits to remove the rest of the residue.  It took several iterations to get it all clean.

25 Remove the tar goop26 remoev the excess silicone27 Tools for the job

It’s not 100% done, but it is basically clean now.  Some work with an abrasive disk, and a wire attachment should take care of the rest..right before being painted.

23 All clean 222 All clean24 All clean 3

The car back on its wheels minus the convertible top, passenger seat, and carpet.  I also took the time while I had the driver’s seat out to adjust the brake pedal free-play and height, and bend the accelerator pedal down just a touch.  Much better for heel-toe now.

28 Back together

Time for another test drive!  Now that I don’t have much sound deadening….on the test drive I could hear the passenger side, front wheel bearing whining.  So, I guess I need to remove and inspect.  Maybe it can just be repacked…if not, I’ll have to order replacements.

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