Oil Leak

So, I have two oil leaks.  I see drips just below both the front and rear main seals.  They are very slow, but still present. 

As, I mentioned in my comment on another page:  I’ve read the procedure in my two manuals (Haynes, and Enthusiast). One (Enthusiast) says exactly that for removing the oil pan. The other says that it is “possible” to do without removing the engine. of course, that procedure starts with “step 1, support the engine from above…step 2, drop the sub-frame, and jack the car.”  It almost sounds like removing the engine is the easy way!!!

The clutch is in need of being replaced.  It works, but its still the stock clutch, and for all I know it has 190k miles on it.  It was slipping when I bought it, but it stopped about 3 days after.  I think the owner must have spilled oil down the clutch housing when changing the oil.  I just hadn’t planned on removing the engine quite this soon.  Hmmm….

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