Motor Sports Ranch – Cresson, TX, 1.7CW

1.7 Course


Pit out: onto the front stretch heading into Big bend, WOT.

Big Bend: Stay wide, brake late, and drive deep into the corner (this is a common theme for the miata).  Just beyond the rumble-strip, start turn-in towards the apex, get back on the gas as soon as the nose starts to turn. This is a medium late-apex turn.   Should be WOT well before reaching the apex.  Track-out towards the end of the exit rumble-strip.  Open the wheel and let the car drift.

Tombstone/Boothill: These two turns combine into a double-apex turn.  Followed by a very short stretch to entry into Horseshoe.  This is a descending turn all the way through the apex of Horseshoe.

Tombstone: Brake at the middle of the rumble-strip, just until reaching the end of the strip.  Start turnin, and head for about 4 ft wide of apex.  Hold throttle at 50%.  Allow track-out all the way to outside, but hold a constant radius on wheel.

Boothill: Continue holding radius.  Clip apex tight, and curb ideally.  WOT at apex.  Trackout to mid-track headed straight at braking zone for Horseshoe.

Horseshoe: Start braking at the start of the rumblestrip.  There is a crest at the end of the braking zone for horseshoe.  All braking MUST be completed at the crest, or else!  😈   Drop over the crest, and let the car settle on the flat just beyond…just wide of mid-track.  Start turn-in and throttle, again to a late-apex.  Clip the apex tight, 90% throttle.  Let the car track-out to the outer-third…but, not all the way to the edge.  Hold the arc to get the car back to track-right for entry into buzzard neck.

Buzzard Neck: Brakes are not needed here.  Just let off throttle at mid-rumblestrip, let the nose bite, turn-in to neutral-apex, and WOT.  Clip the Apex and track out to end of rumble-strip.

Little Bend: This is another late-apex turn.  Drive the car in deep.  Brake with 1/3rd rumblestrip left.  Stay wide of outer seem past the end of the rumble-strip.  Start turn-in to a late-apex, and WOT.  Trackout wide to end of rumble-strip.  Move to track-left for ricochet.

Ricochet: This is an off-camber, climbing turn.  Idea is to neutral-apex, and clip the curb (note you DO NOT clip this curb going the other way…else disaster).  Brake at the start of the rumblestrip, just enough to set the nose and start turn-in to neutral apex.  As soon as turn is set, back WOT.  Track-out wide.  This section is climbing, and the entry into Wagon-wheel is blind.  Track towards electric tower in distance, this is direct at entry for wagon wheel.

WagonWheel: Once the entry can be seen ensure you are wide left.  As with Horseshoe, there is a sharp crest at the end of the braking zone, downshift to 3rd, do not brake beyond this crest.  Leave the apex about 10 feet wide of the curb.  Carry extra speed through the apex.  Start braking mid-rumblestrip, and finish at the crest.  Turn-in to apex (leaving 10 feet), and track out slowly towards rumblestrip.  Hold 25-50% maintenance throttle…gradually reducing throttle, and holding a lot of wheel to scrub speed.  Let the car drift wide track-left just at the end of the rumble-strip.  This marks the entry to Rattlesnake.

Rattlesnake: Brake, and turn-in HARD to first curb in rattlesnake.  Aim the car to go straight from curb to curb.  Clip the curb on the right, an then touch the brakes just before the second curb.  Clip this curb, and hold the turn to follow the curb onto the rumblestrip that follows.  Downshift to 2nd.  Wait for the line from the next to curbs to open up.  Start turnin, and clip the curb on the right.  WOT.  Head straight for the next curb (on the left).  Clip it, holding WOT.  Let the car track-out to the far right.  Upshift down the front straight.

One lap.

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