Motor Sports Ranch – Cresson, TX, 1.7CCW

1.7 Course


Pit out: Pit out dumps you into wagon wheel…just past the “exit” from rattlesnake.  Since the first trip through wagon wheel is half-speed, I’ll start with the exit from wagon-wheel and straight leading to Richochet.  Wagon wheel will be last.  Turn towards the apex of wagon wheel and get hard on the throttle.   Let the car track-out climbing up the hill.  Upshift to 3rd.

Ricochet:  Upshift to 4th before entry (short shift to avoid shifting at apex, if needed), and start turnin at the start of the rumblestrip.  This is a neutral apex turn. You want to clip it tight, but do NOT catch the curb.  Since this is a descending, off-camber turn the curb would be BAD.  if you catch the apex tight, this sets up the exit so you can let the car drift to track right in almost a straight line, and maintain WOT.  Otherwise, you will have to lift, and pinch the turn to avoid running off.

Little Bend:  Line-up over the left-hand seam. The faster you are running, the more left you want to be.  Lift at the start of the rumblestrip. Start to brake 2-3 carlengths before the end of the strip.  Downshift to 3rd.  This is a late-apex, hold the car wide until the past the end of the rumblestrip by 2-3 car lengths.  Turn in, clip the curb.  Track out to the end of the rumblestrip.  Stay in 3rd.

Buzzard Neck:  Get full track-left.  Brake at the last 3rd of the rumblestrip.  Just enough to set the nose.  Turn-in and get back in the gas, 50-75% throttle.  Hold the wheel and manage the throttle to hold the exit to the left-seem.

Horseshoe:  This is a double-apex turn, but the first “apex” is a false apex.  You want to ignore it, and just stay wide, only clipping the second apex.  The first 1/2 of the turn is very flat.   From mid-turn through exit it climbs sharply.  This uphill section causes the front tires to really bite, which will tend put a lot of pressure on the rear tires to keepup; generally getting loose.  Drive straight into mid-track at the entry of horseshoe.  Straightline brake, and downshift t0 2nd.  Let the car drive to the right-seem before turn-in.  Hold the car between the seems through the middle of the turn gradually turning towards the second apex.  As the car hits the uphill the front tires will grab and the car will turn torwards the apex without much (if any) change in wheel.  You may even have to unwind to keep the rearend under the car.  Hold as much throttle as possible (WOT if you can) while not getting loose.  it is not necessary to clip the apex, 10 feet is fine.  Let the car drift out over the crest and track full right.

Boothill/Tombstone:  As with these two turns going CW, this is a long double-apex turn.  it is almost a triple-apex with horseshoe.  There is only a very brief straight between horseshoe and boothill.  The more speed you carry through horseshoe the more this will become a triple-apex turn.  Upshift as necessary.  Short-shift as needed to avoid shifting at an apex.  if done right, you should be in forth as you pass through the apex of tombstone.

Boothill:  At the end of the exit rumblestrip from Horseshoe, let the car run straight for a 2-3 car lengths.  Shift to 3rd, hold WOT.  Turn-in.  This is a neutral apex about 10 feet wide.  If you cut it too close, you will not be able to get full track-right for tombstone without unwinding (you will have to lift, and turn…squaring off the turn…if you end up in this situation).  So, hold the apex wide.  Track all the way out to the rumblestrip between boothill and tombstone.

Tombstone:  Hold a constant wheel and WOT.  Make fine adjustments as needed to clip the apex tight.  Curbing is okay.  Should be close to the shift point at apex…short shift to avoid upsetting the car at apex.  Track-out to the end of the rumblestrip.  This is a very fast exit, close to the limit of adhesion.  Manage exit trjectory with thottle…but, watch out for lift-off oversteer.  be smooth.

Big Bend:  A really good boothill/tombstone will result in rev-limit before big bend.  But, there won’t be time to catch 5th in most case.  Hold the throttle steady until entry.   Stay right of the right-hand seem beyond the end of the rumblestrip.  Lift, and touch the brakes to set the nose.  Turn-in to a late-apex, and back on the gas, WOT.  As soon as you can see the exit point, unwind the wheel, and let the car track-out.  Don’t pinch the turn. Since the gear is so high, there isn’t much power available to push through too much wheel.  Pinching this turn will cost seconds down the front-straight.

Rattlesnake:  Center the car over the left-hand seem.  There is a dip just past the start/finish.  Lift here, wait 1/2 second, start to brake hard.  Stay on the seem.  Downshift to 3rd.  Follow the seem around until you can see the curb for the second turn.  Turn to the line between the two curbs.  Clip the first curb, and straight-line brake, and downshift to 2nd (you must heel-toe this shift…if you miss the revs, the backend is coming around…be ready).  As downshift is done, turn to the second curb.  Hold the turn, but you will still track wide  to the right-hand seem.  Don’t try and hold it in…you will loose speed, and may get more loose.  The next turn is an increasing radius, so there is room for the sub-optimal approach.  As soon as you can see the two curbs in-line, turn to the line.  Accelerate, and clip the first curb.  Aim to get a full wheel on the last curb.  Accelerate through the curb, then lift to 25% throttle.

WagonWheel: Hold the wheel to let the car slowly track-right.  Use the steering to scrub speed as the car drifts right.  You should be wide right at 2/3rd of the rumblestrip.  Continue to hold 25-50% throttle until the front tires bite and turn for the apex, this will happen naturally without much need for more wheel input.  Go WOT as soon as the car bites.  This will result in a shift point AT the apex.  Short shift….or hold throttle in order to avoid shifting AT the apex.  This is a climbing turn like horseshoe.  Similarly to horseshoe, the front tires will bite and the rear will get loose.  Be prepared to unwind quicker than normal to keep the car tracking out.  Trackout right as you climb to richochet.

One lap.

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