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  • Hi Tom-

    I have a 1995 which I bought about a year ago. I’ve done a few DE’s and am working on the car as I develop my skills. I’ve used some of your posts for my project and thank you for sharing. I was just reading on the miata racers site about the e-brake adjustment and your posts. I’ve just replaced my rear calipers and was thinking about getting rid of the e-brake completely. Can you advise on this? Is there more to this than removing the linkage and allen screw adjuster thingy? Or do I have to remove something internal.

    Thanks again- Steve

    • It’s up to you really. There are two parts: The E-Brake handle, and associated cabling, springs, and what not. Second, there is the adjuster mechanism inside the rear calipers. I’ve removed the e-brake handle, brackets, and cables…but, I have not removed the adjuster. For some reason, I never took pictures of hwo to remove the e-brake handle and linkage.

      the adjuster is internal to the caliper. You have to remove more than just the screw. There were a couple of guys in that thread that posted how they did it. Honestly, I plan to buy a new set of calipers from Drago that have already had the adjuster removed.

      If you don’t remove the adjuster, then you just need to check the allen screw periodically to ensure that it remains backed-off so your rear brakes don’t drag. How often depends on your calipers. New ones will need to be checked pretty often…old ones, less so. Mine are old, I check them after every hour on the track. If I had new ones, I’d probably check after every session, until I got a feel for how quickly they self-tighten.

  • Thanks Tom- I appreciate your input. I’ve removed the linkage and brake handle and will check the adjusters between sessions at my next event (VIR next Friday).

  • Ryan Reid


    Would like to talk with you about Ultrashield seats for my spec miata. Left you a more detailed message over at mazdaracers.com.

    reid (dot) ryan (dot) c (at) gmail (dot) com



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