Donor Car

Alright, so here’s the car.  Its a 1992 Miata, 1.6L.  Bought it basically stock for $1200.  It has a hard-dog roll-bar, recently replaced motor, 4-speed manual trans.  I found an orignal Mazda hardtop (shown on the car in the picture below) locally for $500.

View from the side.

Yeah, ignore the junk in the background…we were cleaning out the shop!

I took it to a car wash and cleaned out all the grime.  Took about $10 worth of quarters.  But, it cleaned it pretty well.  Also took the time to do the undercarriage at the same time.



The interior is in decent shape.  But, that won’t matter for long since it ALL comes out (except for a few dash pieces).  Gotta get it lightened up and ready for a roll cage.

Interior 2

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