Brakes and Stuff

The big job of the day?  Brakes:

  • Rebuild all calipers
  • Replace all brake lines with the new Braided lines
  • Paint the calipers
  • Install the throttle pedal extension
  • Install the new Steering rack boot
  • Remove the emergency brake
  • Replace the Differential and transmision fluid
  • Install the radiator protection

Here’s the paint and cleaner for the calipers.


The hand pump for the oils.


Dave Wheeler recomments using a mesh window net as a screen for the radiator.


New rotors.  Nice and shiney.


Steering rack boot.


Brake rebuild kits.  I got two kits for the front and rear.  I didn’t know each kit contained all the parts for
BOTH brakes.


Started with the easy task. Its only three screws, but working under the dash is just never my favorite.  The pedal is huge!  It should make heel-toe quite a bit easier.


To remove the brake lines, all you have to do is loosen the hard-line and disconnect.  Next there is a spring clip that holds the flex line into the bracket.  It has a small slot for a screwdriver.  Slide it out and remove.  Install the new line and replace the clip.  And reinstall the hardline.


The e-brake is attached to the rear calipers. Loosen the nuts on either side of the bracket, and slide the ebrake cable out the inside of the bracket.  Then remove the cable from the caliper.


then you can remove the bracket.




The passenger rear brake line is a little different.  There is a distribution block.  The line from the master cylinder comes to this block and the hard-line for the driver’s side leaves from here.  The flex line for the passenger side is permanently connected to the factor block.  The replacement lines are connected by a threaded connection.  Remove both of the hard lines, and remove the old union block.


Before tightening the new union block connect the hardlines.


Cleaning and prep-ing each of the calipers isn’t much fun.  Lots of wirebrushing, solvent, and a toothbrush.  But, effort is worth it.  They sure look nice.


1 comment to Brakes and Stuff

  • Looks good; everything’s pretty clean, but there is always more. Have you tried using Gunk that you mix in kerosene and brush, scrub to loosen grease and dirt. Then you hose it clean. The Gunk emulsifies the spooge and it will wash off parts really well. A little hot soapy water will assist. A wipe with degreaser solvent to follow and you are ready for paint most of the time.

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